Holding out for a Nero

The excommunication letter should be in the post by Friday but everything's quicker on Twitter.

Here's to hoping against hope that His Holiness will answer the dubia which could be answered in under 140 characters...

...on Twitter.

 After that, consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the Bishops of the world couldn't do any harm, could it?


Meanwhile, I see that Austen Ivereigh has now placed Catholic converts on the couch for psychoanalysis. 

Anyone out there know why Austen hates his Mother, the Church?


Liam Ronan said…
"Motus in fine velocior" ("Motion accelerates when the end is near.")
Anonymous said…
I suspect Francis is keen on the new 'spirituality'.
It's just the New Age term for narcissism, as far as I can see.
And it goes down big in California, don't you know.
Isn't he the man who allowed the tango to be danced, after Mass, and in front of the altar? You can watch this abomination on YouTube.
(I enjoy watching the tango myself, but there is a time and place to party, and the church is NOT the place, Francis. Shame on you.)
But what on earth is he up to in his secret talks with the Lutherans?
Can he really be thinking of making changes in the liturgy?
Is he really going to make changes in the order of the Mass?
Can he be that foolish?
Or is he just a meddlesome man who makes changes for the sake of change?
I am haunted by Marcel Lefebvre's denunciation, 'A bastard Mass with bastard priests.'
There is plenty of that in the way Mass is being celebrated (or desecrated) in the USA. Again watch it on YouTube.
No officially approved liturgical theologian that I have ever read has dealt honestly with the violence done to the Mass by the Vatican II vandals.
Many good bishops who voted for the changes (the late Cardinal Gordon Gray of Scotland) were fooled by the modernist project.
If Francis wants to engage in a great cause (and go down in history) let him take on the New Atheists, Dawkins, Dennett, Sam Harris etc.
These people have a project, all right, and it is to ridicule Christ and his people.
Watch Dennett giving Dawkins a 'Jesus doll' (again on YouTube).
To them Jesus Christ is an excuse for a joke, and the media love it too.
The New Atheists have declared war on us, and we should join them in battle.
Peter Hitchens has taken them on, and so should we.
The fight is for everything as G.K. Chesterton said long ago.
J Haggerty.